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5 months ago

President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to be US envoy to the world broke with his future boss on a number of key foreign policy issues on Wednesday, backing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, denouncing Russian aggression in cyberspace and Ukraine, and affirming his belief in climate change.

In sharp contrast to Trump, former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, speaking at his Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing, said he wasn’t against TPP, a massive trade pact that Trump condemned as he made staunch opposition to free trade deals a centerpiece of his presidential campaign.

“I do not oppose” TPP, Tillerson said. “I share some of (Trump’s) views regarding whether the agreement that was negotiated serves all of America’s interests the best.”

Tillerson also blasted Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an “illegal action” — something Trump hasn’t done — and said he even would have sent the country defensive weapons to use against Moscow.

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