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1 month ago

Cassandra Fairbanks | Big League Politics

Senator Rand Paul is promising to file a resolution of disapproval to block an arms deal with Saudi Arabia as soon as the administration formally notifies congress, Senate sources tell Big League Politics.

On Friday, it was reported that Trump is planning to announce the arms deal during his trip to the nation over the weekend. The terms have not been officially announced, and value ranges from being reported as $100 billion to as much as $300 billion.

The action by the Kentucky senator will force a congressional vote on the executive action. He will reportedly be citing the war in Yemen, terror funding, and the nation’s human rights abuses among the reasons to block this deal.

Paul previously filed a resolution of disapproval last year over a much smaller arms deal with Pakistan, invoking the obscure law from the 1970s. He was attempting to block the sale of $700 million worth of fighter jets to the nation.

“I can’t in good conscience look away as America crumbles at home and politicians tax us to send the money to corrupt and duplicitous regimes abroad,” Paul said on the Senate floor last March. “Pakistan is at best a frenemy. Part friend — and a lot of enemy.”

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