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1 month ago

Martin Fricker | Mirror UK

A Great Dane who weighs the same size as a baby elephant could be crowned Britain’s heaviest dog – after tipping the scales at an astonishing 15st.

The seven-foot pooch, named Balthazar, has to sleep in specially made beds .

He chomps his way through £108-worth of dog food every month and rules the roost in his owners’ house.

The five-year-old pet measures 3ft 3in from his paw to his shoulder and is 7ft from his nose to his tail.

He lives with owners Vinnie, 46, and Dixie Monte-Irvine, 39, and their three children in Gedling, Nottingham.

While not Britain’s tallest dog – that crown goes to an 8ft Great Dane in Swansea – experts believe he is the country’s heaviest.

Vinnie was shocked when he took Balthazar to the vets last week and the scales clocked a whopping 15st 6lb.

He said: “He is a big dog but isn’t a fat dog though as you can still see his ribs.

“We were told from when he was a lot smaller that he was always quite heavy for his age.

“We took him to the vets as he has a poorly leg and he needed to be weighed to see how much medication he can take.

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