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7 days ago

Catherine Herridge | FOX News

Michael Flynn never asked President Trump to interfere or block federal probes, according to people close to the former national security adviser.

“Flynn never spoke to the president about trying to end or influence any ongoing government investigations of him,” Fox News was told.

The New York Times reported late Tuesday that a memo from James Comey alleged that Trump tried to end the FBI probe of Flynn during a private meeting in mid-February.

The White House has disputed the account.

People close to Flynn told Fox News they could not speak to Trump’s private conversation.

The former Obama Defense Intelligence Agency director has been a key figure in the Russia investigation since last year.

A Justice Department probe of Flynn’s foreign contacts with Turkey began in November. The probes would ultimately expand to include a counterintelligence case examining Russian contacts. A source said the DOJ probe was “fast tracked by upper levels of the Department of Justice,” where Sally Yates was deputy attorney general at the time.

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