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1 week ago

Kyle Olson | American Mirror

Nancy Pelosi’s Babbling, Bizarre Behavior Tour has returned home, but that doesn’t mean she’s stopped repeating herself, stumbling over her words and now even botching the names of her (Democratic!) colleagues.

Last week, Pelosi and a small contingent from the Congress visited India and the Dalai Lama, where she stuttered, referred to China as “Tina,” and told a joke about China that fell flat.

On Tuesday, she briefed reporters on the group’s trip — or at least she tried to.

“Dharamsala, uh, was, uh, wonderful and we were, uh, joined by Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner who had been on the trip, uh, 8 years ago, when we went — wait a minute — ’08 — almost 9 years,” Pelosi said, seemingly muttering to herself.

“Joyce Beatty of Ohio and Pramila Guy — Jayapal of, Jayapal of Washington state,” Pelosi struggled to say.

Reading a statement, the House Minority Leader said, “Preserving the religion, culture and language of the Tibetan people and for ‘Tipetan’ populations in all nations,” she said, flubbing the word.

“To some in China, an auten– authentic, authentic autonomous Tibet,” she struggled.

Proving that talking off the top of her head is no better, Pelosi said, “Because all of our visits to any country are about our national security, our economic security, jobs, and about our values, uh,” she continued, clearing her throat, “our security of our, uh, integrity of our, of our values.”

Moments later, she botched the name of one of her Democratic colleagues.

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