Here is a bit about my story so you can understand why I love the sea so much, and why I have created this website as a product of this hobby. On a 100-day cruise around the south coast of South America, I realized why I love cruising, getting to see the whole world. I can’t quite grasp the thought of setting sail from our shores and not seeing all those islands. And the fact that there is always a place that needs fixing, restored or spruced up, means that I can make pitstops in order to refresh and experience new cultures before setting sail once again.

These trips have allowed me to visit a total of 84 countries around the globe and I started sailing when I was just 8 years old, with my father as my instructor. I haven’t planned to visit every country on this planet, but that may just end up happening, who knows where I will be next year when I live each day fixing boats or sailing to somewhere new.

If you are looking to read more stories about the yachting industry you should definitely follow this blog. I will be making sure to update it with unique content that explores different areas of the nautical world. Along with trying to inspire the next generation of sailors, yacht builders, and even workers.