Eclipse Yacht – Roman Abramovich Yacht

Abramovich’s Eclipse Yacht

The Eclipse Yacht, also known as the second most expensive private yacht in the world valued at $1.5 billion. Despite that valuation, Roman Abramovich’s yacht only cost approximately a third of that amount to build. It was perhaps nicknamed as such because of its grandeur, the Eclipse is one of the largest yachts to ever be created.

She is owned by the Russian billionaire, Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich, who is known to the world as a man of many trades, that of businessman, politician, and investor. Abramovich is no stranger to owning yachts, he also was the previous owner of both the Sussurro, a Feadship motor yacht, and Le Grand Bleu.

Eclipse Yacht at Sea

Terence Disdale, known for his unique yacht and aircraft creations, was the man responsible for the interior style of the craft. The Eclipse was a vessel surrounded in mystery as it was built in secrecy, with a code name of Project Luxury Yacht M 147, and to this day, has had minimal photographic evidence of its interior.

It was built by a German shipbuilder and engineering company Blohm & Voss, who are well-known for producing the World War II battleship Bismarck. It took five years to complete her design, conception, and construction, where she was unveiled to the world in 2010, with a price tag of approximately $500,000 million.

Features Onboard the Eclipse Yacht

Such an expensive price tag to build this luxury yacht and yet that does not include the maintenance fees to keep her in tiptop shape, a hefty $60 million per year, and one can only imagine what Abramovich would charge for a rental fee for a 24-hour period; so, what do you get when you come aboard the Eclipse?

With a dual propulsion system with four MTU that allows for a maximum speed of 25 knots and a cruise speed of 22 knots, this massive water vessel can hold up to 1,000 liters of fuel and can travel 6,000 nautical miles at 21 knots before needing to stop for a refill.

This extravagant yacht boasts two swimming pools, one which can be covered and converted to a dance floor, a crew complement of 70, and two helicopter pads. She is further capable of also storing a third helicopter in her storage hanger.

Roman Abramovic Yacht

She is also claimed to possess a one-of-a-kind anti-paparazzi technology to deter unwanted pictures. This unique technology is comprised of a laser that detects the electric light sensors emitted by digital cameras to which a flas of light is released overexposing any photos that may have been taken.

Eclipse Yacht Design and Interior

Once holding the title of the largest yacht, the Eclipse comes in at 162.5 meters (533 feet) and on top of the 70 crew members, has 18 living quarters for 36 guests, including 11 staterooms and suites all of which are found on the third level of the ship. The master suite, however, is located two levels up and is comprised of 5000 square feet.

The Eclipse is divided into nine decks, each serving its own purpose. On the top deck are the two helicopter pads and its garage. Below which there is plenty of room for its swimming pool and sundeck, and underneath on the seventh deck there is an atrium, pilothouse, and an open deck.

The main dining hall, which is located on the sixth deck features a 40-foot by 60-foot beam loggia, allowing for the hall to be covered but allows for sunlight to enter through the open, surrounding wall. Two levels below is the location of the main entrance of the vessel.

Included in the design of the ship is a docking port for the three-person submarine, the engine room, which is located at the bottom of the ship, as well as a disco-club for entertaining guests. The luxury doesn’t stop there, there is also a gym, a beauty salon, jacuzzi, pool with underwater lights and even a beach club.Eclipse Yacht Hull

The solid structure of the Eclipse is based on its steel hull that has an aluminum frame, the decks are constructed of teak wood, formed from a tropical hardwood tree. Elevating its technological status this yacht includes a stabilization system as well as at anchor stabilizers to help ensure a smooth ride and a more stationary experience when she is docked.

Further details include an exterior fireplace, the ability to store approximately 150,000 liters of fresh water on board, and internal lifts throughout the layout of the vessel. The Eclipse includes an impressive six tenders to allow efficient transportation of goods and visitors to and from the ship.

It is no wonder that the Eclipse was voted Motor Yacht of the Year in 2011, for all its luxury, custom finishes, and grandeur, she is truly a beauty to behold.