Philip Green Yacht – Lionheart

Lionheart Yacht – One of Philip Green’s Yachts

The Lionheart, coming in at 90 meters in length (295 feet) is one of the biggest yachts constructed by Benetti Yachts for Sir Philip Green, a British born billionaire. The Lionheart is one of the many yachts Green owns, all of which have similar names to the king of the Jungle, that of Lioness, Lionchase, and Lion Cub.

Slightly confusing to the outside world of yachting, let us clarify the vessels that Green currently owns. The 2016 Lionheart replaced Green’s older yacht of a decade earlier that was then also dubbed Lionheart but has since been replaced with the name Lioness V.

Philip Green Yacht - Lionheart

The Lioness has a smaller stature compared to her newer version, with a length of 63 meters (207 feet) and costs approximately US $50 million to build; both vessels were designed by Stefano Natucci, who has designed numerous vessels over the years.

The Lion Cub, is the original Lionheart’s tender, an Otam Cigarette 45, and is identifiable by its distinct leopard spots as well as its silhouette of the wild cat on the bottom of its hull. The Lionheart, itself, is valued at $150 million American and was built as project FB 262 and was delivered to her owner in 2016.

She was constructed with steel and is then encompassed with an aluminum superstructure much like many superyachts are. Inside her levels, there are six spacious guest cabins, that can accommodate 12 guests in total, and she can hold a crew complement of 30. Her main residence, along with Green’s other yachts, is in Monaco, France where Green currently resides with his wife.

Lionheart Yacht

Lionheart Yacht Interior – Inside Look

Lionheart Yacht Interior

The Lionheart is built for luxury as she is equipped with one helipad, a beauty salon and spa, as well as a pool and a Jacuzzi. With an outdoor bar that connects directly to a lounge area, this beauty is all about relaxing, especially with its very own beach club.

Within you will find three lifts, a garage that has side-opening doors that allow for easy access of the tenders, as well as three elevators for crew and guests. Unique to this vessel are the dumbwaiter and a zero-speed stabilizer, the latter of which acts as the ship’s anchor. With a cruising speed of 15 knots and a top speed of 15.5 knots, she is certainly set for smooth sailing.

With the interior design kept a secret it was shared that she was designed by Green & Mingarelli Design, which is said to have used a contemporary classic look while on the outside, she has been given a sporty look with sleek curves. In total there are four decks each that include dual access doors to the beach club.

The idea for the second Lionheart was first conceptualized in 2012, she took a total of four years to build. She is the third boat created for Philip Green by Benetti, the Italian shipbuilding and boat building company that is based in Viareggio, Livorno, and Fano.

Philip Green is an entrepreneur who began his business as a shoe importer which he later turned into a clothing profession, the Arcadia Group, where he now resides as the company’s CEO. Green first inherited his father’s property development company when he was 12 years old since then he has made most of his millions buying other companies and then selling them for a high-profit margin.

Green and his family are often found relaxing aboard their crown jewel of a yacht when taking a break from their life in business.