USVI cruise in style

** Coronavirus Update – St. Thomas and the US Virgin Islands will be open for booking on June 1, 2020. Contact us for more information and directions from St. Thomas and the US Virgin Islands. Thomas to St. John and St. Cross. Read more on our charter page after coronavir **

Do you want to charter closer to you this summer? Then check out our USVI Itinerary! Explore hidden anchorages and some of the world’s most popular beaches. The hardest question is which beach bar should you go to first?

What is USVI?

Caribbean, US Virgin Islands Thomas. Panoramic view.
The US Virgin Islands is more commonly called the USVI or Virgin Islands and is located between the busy island of Puerto Rico and the USVI sister archive, BVI. USVI is located on the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean and consists of 4 individual islands, each with its own unique personality and history.

Our favorite anchor

aerial photo of Gulf of Stomach in Saint Thomas, Virign Islands, America
Megan’s Bay was named one of the best beaches in the world! On arrival you can enjoy lunch and a long walk along the white sandy beaches. Walk through the lush forest that surrounds the anchor, or just relax on a yacht. This area is the perfect place to relax on the private yacht deck or beach! Watch the sunset in beautiful surroundings with a cocktail in hand, ready for dinner on board!

What charters are available?

We currently have a crew of motorboats in St. Thomas and a crew of catamarans. Each charter can be rented for at least 7 days in the high season and shorter charters for at least 4/5 days in the low season. We recommend renting all week so you can really experience the beautiful islands. Do you want to rent? Talk to us today!

Relaxation of coronavirus restrictions in the Mediterranean

All major charter destinations in the Mediterranean, including France, Italy, Croatia and Montenegro, announced last week that they would reopen their ports and yacht companies. In 2020, the Mediterranean will have a summer sailing season!

Croatia reopened on 15 May, Greece on 25 May and Italy on 3 June. For more information, see the regularly updated Coronavirus Yachting Planning Guide, which contains the latest status of Mediterranean ports.

Our boat booking brokers receive daily updates from major yachts and marinas around the world. Contact us if you have questions or help with the basic planning of a summer 2020 With Charter or Caribbean charter for Christmas or New Year!

Sailing the Seychelles

The climate in the Seychelles is almost perfect – often always warm, sunny without major extremes. Temperatures rarely fall below 24 ° C or rise above 32 ° C. All islands, with the exception of the extreme southern islands, are comfortably outside the hurricane belt, so storms or long periods of rain are very rare. Northwest trade winds arrive in October and March. At the moment, the sea is usually calm and the weather is hot and humid with an average wind of 8-12 knots.

January and February are the rainy season, with the islands receiving an average of 30-40 cm of rain, giving water life and updating leaves, rivers and streams. The months between May and September bring drier, cooler weather and livelier seas – especially to the southeast coast – and winds of 10 to 20 knots.

The table below summarizes the statistical averages of the Seychelles International Airport from 1972 to 2005 (with permission from the Seychelles Meteorological Services).