Paul Allen’s Yacht – Octopus

Octopus Yacht – Paul Allen Yacht

The Octopus yacht is listed as one of the most expensive luxury yachts, coming in at $200 million. What makes this vessel so unique, however, is that it is used for scientific inventions, explorations projects, and even rescue missions.

This one-of-a-kind yacht is equipped with some unique features, including two submarines, one of which is named Octo ROV and can be operated by remote to dive to a depth of 8, 843 feet. The Octo ROV is used to explore the depths of the ocean and was used by Google Earth to help with their Explore Earth project. The second submarine, which is called Pagoo, can hold up to ten people.

Octopus Yacht Interior and Design

The Octopus was designed by Espen Oino Naval Architects, while the interior design was completed by Jonathan Quinn Barnett. Included in the design are a navy blue throughout as well as other features such as a spacious study and even a basketball court.

There are accommodations to allow for 26 guests, including four guest quarters that include walk-in closets and a separate children’s cabin. There is plenty of space for her 56 crew members, including two cabins that are reserved for in-house doctors to reside; the Octopus also has her own medical center.

Much like many other luxurious yachts, she too has plenty of space to entertain with an outside bar, a whirlpool, a glass-bottomed pool on the upper deck, as well as an observation lounge, a movie theatre, and a gym that includes a juice bar.

This beauty was built in 2003 in Lürssen, Germany by Lürssen Yachts and weighs an impressive 9932 tons with a length of 126 meters (414 feet). There are two helipads as well as a large helicopter hangar on the main deck that can also accommodate two helicopters.

A large hatch allows for its seven tenders to float in and out while the main tender, bestowed the name Man of War, comes in at 63 feet long. Impressively, the tenders can transform into a large landing craft. She comes with two propellers and is powered by 19200 HP and 8 Diesel engines that allow for her to reach a maximum speed of 20 knots.

Octopus Yacht Docked

Great Initiatives from Paul Allen’s Yacht, Octopus

The Octopus yacht, along with her previous owner Paul Allen, who passed at the age of 65 in 2018 from lymphoma, helped to locate the Musashi, one of the world’s largest Japanese battleships, that dates back to World War II. This Musashi was an important find for history as she was one of the most technologically advanced ships of her day.

With the help of the Octopus, historical records, and topographical details released the crew was able to discover the wreckage of the Musashi in the Sibuyan Sea, just off of the Philippines back in 2015. This would not have been possible if not for the technological advancements of the Octopus.

The Octopus is further a member of Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue (AMVER) which is a group that voluntarily helps search and rescue authorities. The Octopus has helped on numerous rescue missions including helping to locate missing police officers and their lost pilot off of the coast of Palau.

More Facts about the Octopus Yacht

Another unique feature of this vessel is the music recording studio found on board. The studio was likely placed onboard due to the fact that Paul Allen himself was a music fan who owned the guitar that Jimi Hendrix played at Woodstock. Mick Jagger has also been said to have used the onboard recording studio.

Other artists, such as U2, Usher, and Johnny Cash have had performances aboard this famous yacht. These performances often took place during Allen’s well-known parties that he would hold during the annual Cannes International Film Festival.

Octopus Yacht at Sea

About Paul Allen, Microsoft Co-Founder

Her previous owner, Paul Allen, was the co-founder of Microsoft and was deemed the most generous living American in 2011 thanks to his numerous donations of almost US $2 billion to various charities. Further to owning the Octopus, he also owned the yacht Tatoosh and a Feadship, Méduse.

Paul Allen also formed Vulcan Inc., a private asset management company that helped him to manage his many business ventures, including his three sports teams, the Seattle Seahawks (NFL), the Seattle Sounders FC (MLS), and the Portland Trail Blazers (NBA).

He was believed to hold a net worth of $20 billion American and throughout his life was the owner of a private island, private jets, a research vessel, Petrel, and several helicopters further to the two belonging to the Octopus. Sadly Paul Allen passed away in October 2018. Paul Allen’s yacht, Octopus, is now owned by his sister Jody Allen. Hopefully, the yacht will still be used in the same way that he did, helping with research studies and rescue searches.